Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Spring Trend; Digital print tshirts! Your Eyes Lie review~

20 years ago (2 months ago) I ordered a t-shirt from the website Your Eyes Lie and this morning after multiple printing errors I finally received it. THANK GOD. I've been waiting on this t-shirt like the second coming of Christ!

Your Eyes Lie is a t-shirt company from the UK that, according to their about page, designs for those don't take themselves too seriously as as they put it, the "geeky friend [who] just keeps on dancing, pulling extravagent shapes of happiness while wearing a t-shirt and the broadest of grins."

The original store picture
I can't imagine this girl wanting to pull shapes somehow...I will show her...
The image is of that ruddy Icelandic volcano that exploded 2 years ago and grounded half the planes in Europe for week.On actually getting it, I'm slightly disappointed mainly because it's too big for me (I ordered medium), which is my own fault. I wanted it to be cute and baggy but for some reason, it just doesn't look that great large.
Image-wise, it's awesome. And it's soft.

Part of me is scared that someone whose holiday was wrecked by this cloud will falcon punch me in the street.
There's a bit of a printing error on the sleeve but I read that that it's normal to get white marks around the sleeves and the underarms where the inked missed it with this printing technique.

I raided my wardrobe to see what stuff would go with my new t-shirt.
I'm gradually finding it harder and harder to coordinate things in my wardrobe together because recently, everything I have bought has been blue; and being matchy matchy doesn't fly man.

Now for obligatory gifs of me wearing it.
gif maker
Top: Your Eyes Lie
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Harness: Forever 21

The peach shoes pick up the peach in the cloud colour...somewhere
gif maker

The fact it took so long to come was understandable. Printing errors are something that are completely out of their hands but I wish they would have told me when mistakes occurred rather than me having to chase them up to find out. Still, they were prompt with their replies and patient.

If yall want one, you can get it here but don't forget to sign up to their news letter an get 10% off.

Here's me and Ananya at the weekend showing store picture girl how pulling shapes is done..
gif maker


  1. I really like that t-shirt, the print is cool :D

  2. Omfg that gif is fucking amazing xdfhusjks hahaha

  3. Amazing outfit! I love the tshirt it looks lovely!

    Emma x

  4. Hahahahaha love the gifs XD
    Thanks for the review!
    If u want to get it smaller, my friend is a seamstress & could need a few pennies!

    1. Thaaanks no prob :D

      I think I'll just keep it this size, it's starting to grow on me~

  5. LOLL the last picture hahahaha omg

    Love that shirt! You pull it off well, even if it's too big :)

  6. LOL the last picture of us...

    Sucks it came so late and was too big :C, the print looks nice though apart from the errors on the sleeve!!

    1. LMAO Rasuptin and comrade 4lyf

  7. I've heard so many bad things about the delivery of Your Eyes Lie, it's unreal.


  8. Ahhh Falcon Punching, a classy way to show some one you care. :)

    Ace T-shirt :D

  9. I'd suggest rolling the sleeves tends to make big t-shirts look 10x better. I buy men's t-shirts shirts all the time from Uniqlo because they're better, softer, and thicker than the women's ones and my go to sizes are small and medium, but I always roll up the sleeves.

  10. Hello! And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. This shirt is really cool and hearing about the faults with it really sucks!
    It's such a cool idea for a print, I'm sure you could make it work. I love your use of gifs, they add a really fun vibe to your blog.

  11. Whatever you got it seems to be a bit different from what is shown in the picture! But anyway you matched it very nice with the jeans skirt!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I would like to have your opinion again on my new post!
    xoxo Dia!

    1. They're the same t-shirt, the one in the store picture just has the sleeves rolled and the hem tucker under~

  12. HAAAAAA i love your gifs omg :'D
    omg i love that volcano, i almost got stuck in japan because of it<3 but the damn thing cleared up too quickly and i got to come home :<

    seriously though i do really like this tshirt~ your shoes are totally precious too!

  13. Hi Emmie!! Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other??
    BTW your gifs are really fun!!!

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  15. that t shirt is pretty cool! Liking how you've styled it! <3

  16. haha woah that's shocking how long it took! but you've made it look lovely, and i especially love your shoes x

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